What is Mix Design Concrete? How to calculated? Free Excel File Download

What is Mix Design Concrete?

Mixed concrete design is a design method in which concrete is used primarily but its properties are enhanced by mixing with other materials. These mixes typically use a variety of primary or secondary materials, such as the primary material can be industrial granular material or cement and the secondary material can be dusty minerals, conductive or additional materials stored in invisible materials.

The goal of mixed concrete design is to combine concrete's organization, strength, durability, and essential metals, such as steel or plastic. This type of design requires specially selected materials as possible to combine the required properties and increase the strength and safety of the concrete.

How to calculated? 

Mixed Concrete Design Excel Sheet Free download

To calculate the design of mixed concrete, you first need to determine the required properties and working conditions. Then the following steps are followed:

Determining Special Features: First decide what kind of features you want and what kind of material you want to use. For example, you can easily design mixed concrete for use in concrete construction.

Determination of ingredients: Here you need to decide the ingredients to be used. Quantification of primary and secondary components is required.

Construction Mix Proportion of Concrete: Determine the construction mix ratio of primary and secondary components. This ratio can be used to prepare the concrete mix needed at different stages.

Determination of construction capacity of concrete: It is necessary to determine the construction capacity of concrete, so that certain required institutions are understood.

Determination of concrete construction method: Determine the steps of concrete construction in this method, such as local common construction process, making concrete using cheap or concrete cement block materials, etc.

Quality Test: Finally, test the quality of the mixed concrete, so you can be sure that the concrete has the properties you need.

Free Download Excel Sheet: Mixed Concrete Design Excel Sheet

A variety of calculations may be required when concluding a mix concrete design, such as determination of material quantities, determination of mix proportions, determination of concrete strength, etc. Calculations should be based on determining the problem you want to solve to conclude the mixed concrete design. At the end of the concretion a quality check should be done to ensure that the concrete has the properties you need.

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