Staircase Design Calculation Details with Excel Sheet

staircase design calculation details with excel sheet
Staircase Design Calculation Details with Excel Sheet

Hey, I'm Engr. Bala Ram, Today I share wall supported and beam supported staircase design calculation details. I also share this calculation excel spreadsheet.

How to calculated wall supported staircase design:

Sep - 1: An example Stir riser height R = 6 inches, trade length L = 10 inches (you can change data in excel spreadsheet)
wall supported staircase design calculation

Concrete compressive strength, f'c = 3000 psi.
Yield stress or strength, fy = 60000 psi.

  • Effective Span Length

First landing span, L1 = 3.50 feet.
Waist slab horizontal span, L2 = 7.50 feet.
Second landing span, L3 = 4.00 feet.

Total Horizontal Span, L = L1 + L2 + L3 = 15.00 feet.

  • Thickness of Waist Slab

Waist slab thickness, t = Slab Span / 20 = 9.00 inchs.

Say, slab thickness, t = 7 inches. so,  d = 7-1 = 6 inches.

  • Loads on Slab

D.L. of Slab on the slope with landing slab     = (t*12)/150 = 87.50 psf.

D.L. due to Riser =
loads due to stair Riser
=120.04 psi.
Live load = 100.00 psf, and F.F = 30.00 psf.

Total D.L = 219.54 psf, and L.L = 100.00 psf.

Ultimate Load, w = 1.4*D.L + 1.7*L.L = 477.36 psf.

  • Moment

Moment for Simply Supported Span,
Moment for Simply Supported Span

  • Checking Thickness
Checking Thickness

  • Main Reinforcement
Main Reinforcement

  • Distribution Reinforcement (Temp & Shrin. Reinforcement)
Distribution Reinforcement

  • Reinforcement in the Landing Slab
Reinforcement in the Landing Slab
Load Between A-B  =  1.4x(Load (1) + Load (4)) + 1.7x Load (3)
  = 334.50 psf or lb/ft.

Load Between C-D  =  1.4x(Load (1) + Load (4)) + 1.7x Load (3)
   = 334.50 psf or lb/ft.

Load Between B-C  =  1.4x(Load (1) + Load (2)) + 1.7x Load (4)
   = 477.33 psf or lb/ft.

The reaction at A, RA = 3062.33 lb

Moment at A, MA =  RA*L1 - Load (A-B)*L1*L1/2
= 8669.33 lb-ft/ft. = 104031.94 lb-in/ft.

  • Reinforcement (Main): -
Main Reinforcement
  • Reinforcement (Temp): - The minimum reinforcement required to control the shrinkage and temperature cracking:

minimum reinforcement required

  • Shear Check

The factored shear force at a distance "d" from the face of the support:-
Shear Check of stair design

  • Final Design
Staircase Design Calculation
Staircase Design Calculation

How to calculated Beam supported staircase design:

You can calculate beam supported staircase design. This is the same prosses of wall supported staircase design calculation. In the Excel Spreadsheet, you can full idea, how to design the beam supported staircase.

Download design calculation excel file: 

Those spreadsheet uploaded in google drive. You can easily open and download this file. For any problem in the calculation,  Ask your any question in the comment box. Thank you.

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  1. I can't thank you enough. thanks for your excel sheet. you are really helpful person.

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