Design of T Shaped Cantilever Retaining Wall with Sloping Backfill - Calculate in Excel Sheet

design of cantilever retaining wall excel sheet
Design of cantilever retaining wall excel sheet

Retaining wall or retaining structure is used for maintaining the ground surfaces at different elevations on either side of it. Whenever embankments are involved in construction, retaining wall is usually necessary. In the construction of buildings having basements, retaining walls are mandatory. Similarly, in bridgework, wing walls, abutments, etc. They are designed as retaining walls to withstand the pressure of the earth along with overlapping loads. The material retained or supported by a retaining wall is called a fill that lies above the horizontal plane at the elevation of the top of a wall is called an overload, and its inclination to the horizontal is called an overload angle.

In the design of retaining walls or other retaining structures, it is necessary to compute the lateral earth pressure exerted by the retaining mass of soil. The equation of finding out the lateral earth pressure against retaining wall is one of the oldest in the Civil Engineering field. Rankine investigated the plastic state of stress, when failure is imminent, in 1860. A Lot of theoretical experiment work has been done in this field and many theories and hypotheses have been proposed.

Type of Retaining  Walls:

Retaining walls can be classified according to their mode of resistance to earth pressure and according to their shape. The following are some of the common types of retaining walls.

  1. Gravity walls
  2. Cantilever retaining walls.   (a) T- Shaped.  (b) L- Shaped.
  3. Counterfort retaining walls.
  4. Buttressed walls.

Design of T Shaped Cantilever Retaining Wall Excel Sheet

Retaining wall design excel sheet
Retaining wall design excel sheet

Open and Download the excel sheet here. This excel sheet upload in google drive.

A gravity retaining wall shown in fig 3 is the one in which the earth pressure exerted by the backfill is resisted by the deadweight of the wall, which is either made of masonry or of mass concrete. The stress develops in the wall is very low, These walls are no proportioned that no tension is developed anywhere, and the resultant of forces remain within the middle third of the base.

Retaining wall design in excel
Retaining wall design in excel

Now you can easily calculate the design of T shaped cantilever retaining wall in this excel sheet. For any question, asked me in the comment box, Thank you.

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