Responsibility of A Civil Engineer in Building Construction Site

Responsibility of Civil Engineer

A civil engineer also known simply as a professional civil engineer, who is responsible and oversees construction projects in various work areas.

These professionals are usually graduates who have been trained to handle employee management situations, construction contracts and engineering specifications. They also design structures and practical work on construction and engineering projects.

Responsibility of Civil Engineers in Building Construction Site:


Civil engineers not only work in the field of construction, they are responsible for analyzing property plans and the project before it is underway. They review what guidelines, laws and codes apply to the project and ensure that the methods, procedures and criteria that he and his team are working with in hopes of implementing them, will be effective, admissible and possible.

Planning and inspection

Civil engineers are responsible for project planning and ensure that the methods used are not dangerous and will result in a timely conclusion. They write data and reports on what should be done before the project is launched and keep the records until the end of the project. When the project is finished, it is up to the civil engineers to ensure that everything was done according to the plan and that the project complies with all the guidelines.


Not only do civil engineers supervise the work that is done on construction sites, but they also handle the workers and contractors needed to complete the projects. They must delegate responsibilities to other employees and ensure that the work is done correctly. They must be able to resolve conflicts between employees and communicate guidelines and expectations clearly and effectively.

Customer Communication

Civil engineers have entire teams of employees who work alongside them, however, they still have to communicate with the people or companies that hire them. Since many of those who hire civil engineers are not trained in the field of engineering and have little or no knowledge of the specifications and legal requirements, it is up to the civil engineer to explain the procedures and pricing, timing, costs, methods, obstacles and the progress of its customers.

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