Different Types of Bricks used in Construction

Types of Bricks

Hello builder friend! Today I was in a work and met several young helpers who were just starting to work in the field. Many of them already knew "something" of construction, but others did not even know the basic materials. However, they all had a huge desire to learn. Therefore, today I will share information about the different types of bricks used in construction.

What is brick?

Bricks are the most commonly building material used for the construction of wall, columns, roofs, floor, paving etc.

Brick is the unit with which the wall are raised and serve to lighten the weight of the ceiling. In the middle there are bricks of different materials: concrete, silicon, calcareous, etc., but the most used for a house are clay. These are obtained by molding, drying and cooking at high temperatures of a clay paste. Its measures are diverse and are manufactured in a size that allows them to be handled with one hand. The dimensions of a brick depend on the place where they will be placed (walls, ceilings, etc.).

Different Types of Bricks:

Types of Bricks by Raw Materials

  • Common Burnt Clay Bricks
  • Sand Lime Bricks (Calcium Silicate Bricks)
  • Engineering Bricks
  • Concrete Bricks
  • Fly ash Clay Bricks

Classifications of Bricks:

First Class Brick 

  •  Water absorption value 20%
  •  Well burnt, smooth surface.
  •  Minimum compressive stress 10.5 mn/m3.

Second Class Brick

  •  Water absorption value 22%
  •  Slightly over burnt, rough surface.
  •  Minimum compressive stress 7 mn/m3.

Third Class Brick

  •  Water absorption value 24%
  •  Not properly burns, irregular shape.
  •  Minimum compressive stress 3.5 mn/m3.
Know more about Materials use in construction work, stay with us. Thank you..  

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