Field Work of Land Surveying

Land Surveying

Field Work of Land Surveying :

1. Landmass measuring distance measuring industry and to determine the running of the surface of the Earth's surface identify borders or areas of land area. Lines are not mathematical lines, but presentations By them, traced on the surface of the earth Meaning of different instruments, and eyes identified The pieces are cut into pieces or by trees, stones or grains Or set stones on the ground, or any other way to render Are visible to them.

2. Surveys are basic surveys First created for locating the ground Land boundaries, and mark them by
Visible object This work is known as Field Work. A full description of what has been done is kept by the survey and the field notes are called. Field notes To create a map from which to provide information Land and area count. They also provide Proof that to find and mark again Borders on the ground.

3. Resurveys are made for the purpose, which is Find out the specified boundary When the original survey was made.

4. Most of the equipment used in the field Chain and tape survey for measurements,
And pick, compass,

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